Bespoke Software Development

Websites for corporates

We develop and host websites for corporates


Development of chatbots on various platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS , Facebook etc.

Chatbot application usage and success is almost 10X compared to Mobile & Web apps in Zimbabwe and Africa in general

Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications for Android and IOS platforms

SMS & USSD Applications

We develop applications that accessible via USSD eg *123#

We help our clients with all the business and regulatory requirements (short code applications).

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CashLinq Banking Solutions

The CashLinq platform is best used as a complete digital wallet by Banks / Mobile network operators (MNOs) or digital bank fintechs.

It can also be used to complement the main core systems e.g Temenos T24 and Oracle Flexcube, to host mobile wallets and a variety of low value savings and current accounts. This will lessen the load on main core systems, boosting transaction processing performance as well as saving on licensing costs.

The platform is ISO standard compliant and built on the #NewStack

  • The platform has the following modules which can be deployed individually,partly, or in full depending on preference and the intended goal
  • 1 Payment Processing Interface
  • 2 Payment Exchange Interface [Interbank Module]
  • 3 Omni Channel Banking- Internet ,USSD, WhatsApp and Mobile
  • 4 Open Banking
  • 5 Agent Banking
  • 6 Merchant Services Gateway
  • 7 Single Sign-on Module
  • 8 API Gateway Module
  • 9 Loan Management System
  • 10 Channel applications

Loan management system

Easy to use loan management system . All modules from origination , processing , approvals , disbursement , repayments , recovery and reporting

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Health-tech solutions

Comprehensive solutions to run medical facilities.

  • Complete Medical Aid ERP.
  • Surgery ERP

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SMEs software solutions

We have software solutions for every business.

  • Enterprise resource planning software - Key modules [ Accounting, CRM , HR , Communication ]
  • WhatsApp contact center solution
  • Fleet management software + WhatsApp intergration
  • Point of sale [POS]
  • Workshop/Garage management software
  • Customer relationship management [CRM]
  • Human resource management [HR]
  • Inventory management software
  • Document management solution
  • Legal management solution
  • Billing management solution
  • E-commerce shops

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Adtech solutions

Attention is the new currency. We have ready made software solutions that get you the eyeballs.

  • WhatsApp survey tool - Run your surveys on WhatsApp for free.
    Check it out : WhatsApp Survey
  • Mobile games
  • Web games
  • WhatsApp trivia game - Gamify your content distribution
    Check it out : WhatsApp Trivia
  • Kanva Play
  • Kanva Shoutouts

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Cyber Security

People , Processes and Technology.

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Founded in 2015, We have consistently provided ingenious solutions to our clients.

We are pragmatic, we only do work for our clients if we are confident they will succeed.

We do software consultancy and as such we are well knowledgable about what works and how for all our markets.

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